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How Do Children Learn Through Play?

educational toys

Educational Toys for Early Learning

Early developmental toys play an important part of the learning process for little kids. This type of toy is designed to maximise learning and help children develop essential skills like fine motor, gross, cognitive, problem-solving and many more. It also helps children learn more about surroundings by using their senses, interacting with others and through self-expression.

Learning through play encourages children to be curious and understand how things work. Playing is often child-initiated, pleasurable, spontaneous and involves usually the element of make-believe. As parents, we should provide our children with everything they need to maximise their learning potential and offer support through their formative years. They must never be hindered or barred from playing.

Importance of Playing

Many educators and researchers agree that children learn through play. It helps children develop a wide range of skills and helps with brain development. While playing, children improve their cognitive skills such as problem-solving skills, imagination, creativity, inquiry and memory retention are developed.

Learning through play can either be solo or in the company of other children. Solo play inspires children to use their imagination and spark their creativity to create new worlds. Playing with others opens opportunities for communication through speech. It helps children understand certain concepts like cooperation and taking turns. While interacting with others, children are able to express themselves freely which could boost their self-confidence.

Playing is fun and helps reduce stress. It is also very healthy for children. No matter how simple or complex a play is, it plays an important role in a childís early development.

Learning Through Play

Young children love to explore, observe and listen and they become curious about the world around them. You often hear them ask questions and see them experiment. They get answers through playing. That is why it is essential to provide children with the proper and right toys such as educational toys.

It is incredible to see your child grow and develop. It is even fun to hear them construct words, phrases and sentences when they play. Whatís more wonderful is seeing them interact with other people and become more compassionate towards other people.

They get to learn these through playing. Learning and playing are two kinds of activities that are always intertwined for children.

Learning through play always involves role-playing or pretend play. By playing pretend, children learn a lot and develop skills.

  • Communication Skills. Children feel more free when they play. With the right toys, they are able to expand their vocabulary, enhance their speech and communicate properly. It is also through playing that they get to understand other peopleís feelings and learn how to express themselves through words.
  • Cognitive Development. A childís imagination and creativity widens everytime playing is involved. This is actually perfect for developing their cognition. Their way of thinking is enhanced, memory and analysis are sharpened. Plus, they are able to develop problem-solving skills which will be important in real life.
  • Social-emotional Skills. Playing enables children to interact and socialize. When they do these things they do not just develop interaction skills but develop a strong character and self-confidence. With playing, they also get into character or get into someone elseís world and understand them, finally nurturing their soft side.
  • Physical Development. Playing outdoors engages the childís body. This will provide growth for gross motor skills and muscles that will strengthen their physical well-being. Playing with toys inside, can also help develop their fine-motor skills. These fine motor skills are important for when a child writes, paints or whatever activities done that will need the smaller muscles in the hands.

Provide the Right Toys

Learning through play can truly be beneficial for children. As learning and playing are intertwined, these toys will help children gain access to developmental benefits such as their literacy, numeracy, communication and social skills.

Thatís why, it is necessary to provide children with the right and proper toys to aid their learning as they are still growing and in their formative years.

Toys such as stacking games, building blocks, board games and activity balls are super helpful in building a childís sensory senses. These toys will also help foster imagination, improve finger dexterity and promote social skills.

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