Himalayan Salt Natural Deodorant Stone

Himalayan Salt Natural Deodorant Stone

Our Price:  €4.63

Brand:  Ancient Wisdom
Material:  Himalaya Salt
Weight:  0,25Kg /Piece

  • 100% Himalayan Salt.
  • Acts as a natural and chemical free antiperspirant.
  • Simply wet and apply to underarms or feet.

Himalayan Salt Natural Deodorant Stone

100% natural himalayan salt that can be used as a replacement for chemical deodorants.

Simply wet the salt and apply to your underarm area exactly as you would a deodorant bar or roll on. The salt kills any bacteria that cause odour so you smell fresh all day long.

Natural salt deodorant is also perfect for using on your feet to keep odour at bay.

Note: Natural salt deodorants are very effective against odour but do not act as an antiperspirant.

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