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Hemp Babies Raw Silk Nappy Liners

Hemp Babies Raw Silk Nappy Liners

Our Price:  €3.32

Brand:  Hemp Babies
Style:  Nappy Liners
Size:  5" x 12"
Material:  100% Raw Silk

Silk is the only 100% natural wicking material able to help keep little bottoms drier. Silk has natural anti-bacterial properties that may keep yeast and nappy rash at bay.

Hemp Babies Raw Silk liners are 100% natural, but not certified organic.

Hemp Babies Raw Silk Liners
Each liner measures 5" x 12" and is made from 100% raw silk.

Why choose silk?
Silk is a 100% natural material and will keep your little one's bottom feeling dry. The natural anti-bacterial properties of silk nappy liners are thought to help in the prevention of nappy rash. Pop one in to your reusable nappies of choice, these are perfect for use with bamboo nappies or organic nappies that are more inclined to feel wet against baby's skin.

1x Silk liner.

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