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Hands and feet are often the most used and abused body parts and taking good care of them is one the best personal care we can do to our body. Regular exfoliating and moisturising are very important for our hands and feet. Luckily, we have collected some of the best hand and feet care products you can find online. Treat your tired feet with our peppermint soap from Airmid. Keep your hands moisturised and clean with our wide selection of hand soaps and creams; available unscented and scented. All the products included in our collection are made from natural ingredients.

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Foot cream, hand cream & foot scrub at Danu World


Our hands are one of the first things people notice about us. Well groomed hands can make us appear more professional, youthful and attractive. A hand cream is important in our body care regime. Hands have very little oil glands and they dry out very quickly. The skin is thin and easily damaged and can become rough and calloused. Using a hydrating hand wash can help. Soaps can be stripping and a natural coconut oil or shea butter based soap would leave your hands in better condition. The oil from the soap hydrates your skin as it cleanses it. Our Greenfrog botanical hand wash contains aloe vera and oils of geranium and peppermint. It's hydrating and luxurious to use.

Shea butter hand cream is like a luxury moisture boost for dry hands and nails. Massage any extra hand cream into your cuticles to hydrate and strengthen your nails. If you feel that your hands are starting to show signs of ageing, you may wish to introduce an anti-aging hand cream. Many anti-aging hand creams will have an SPF which is important to protect our hands from pigmentation spots. We stock natural organic hand creams and balms that can be used as a multi-purpose balm. We love multi-purpose products here at Danu World as they are less wasteful and also economical to use. Balm Balm Rose Geranium can be used as lip care, a natural lip balm, it soothes chapped lips. Use it on feet as a heel balm or as an organic healing or soothing balm in your hand care regime. The aromatherapy essential oils are soothing and moisturising. Balm balm also has tea tree foot balm. It contains the best essential oils for your feet. Again it is a multi-purpose balm and contains sunflower seed oil for its moisturising properties.


We are on our feet all day from the minute we wake up until we get into bed at night. Feet can really suffer if they aren't looked after. Cracked heels and dry skin are big problems for a lot of us yet they are ailments that can be easily solved. Most people have a foot cream in their bathroom cabinet but how often do they put it on their feet? It should be part of your skin care routine. Foot care doesn't have to take a lot of time.

How to fix dry cracked feet?</3p>

Once a week you could take 10 minutes out of your evening to have a relaxing foot soak. A foot soak for dry feet will cleanse the skin leaving it ready for some care and attention. Add some essential oils to really take advantage. Tea tree is antibacterial and antifungal and it will kill odours.

Peppermint is cooling and soothing on sore tired feet. The PHB exfoliating foot scrub bar will gently remove dead skin cells and its gentle enough to use over your toes and the tops of your feet. Trim your nails back and take care of the hard skin on your heels. Use a pumice stone as a natural way to remove hard skin. The dead skin should come away easily to reveal healthy pink skin underneath. If you do this once a week, you will have an easy task as the build-up of dry skin won't be a lot. It's only when you leave it for too long that it starts to crack and can become painful.

Try to stay away from metal foot files and blades as its easy to remove too much skin with them leaving you with painful feet and that is something we want to avoid. Inspect between your toes and along the sole for any signs of fungal infection and if you see any signs of peeling skin or rash, then it’s time to look for an anti-fungal cream. If your feet feel healthy and clean then finish off by massaging in a soothing foot lotion which will have a skin softening effect on your feet.

Top tip - when you are applying body lotions after a daily shower, rub any excess into your feet. You can also do this when you are applying hand lotion.

For an intensive boost to dry skin on the feet, you can use foot cream socks. Use a deep hydrating cocoa butter foot lotion, slather onto the feet in a thick layer and use cotton socks to seal it in. Shea butter foot cream is hydrating and thick enough to really help badly cracked skin, you could use a shea butter hand cream as an alternative. Sleep with them on overnight and you will have feet like a baby in the morning. Your feet may feel dry and itchy and a foot cream with urea might help. We love the balm balm foot balm, its fresh and cooling and a little goes a long way for a foot massage. It doubles up as an organic lip balm which is a bonus. Massage some into the cuticles on your toenails to keep them soft and supple too.

Certain illness can cause foot problems. Diabetes is known for causing issues with feet and anyone with diabetes needs to take extra care. Circulation problems can be helped with regular foot and leg massages. This will improve blood flow and relieve any aches and pains. A lemon balm ointment gives relief and stimulates circulation.

Treating the skin on your hands and feet to treatments with essential oils and natural organic lotions and balms will ensure that they stay healthy. Healthy feet are happy feet!

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