Grimms Triangle, Square, Circle

Grimms Triangle, Square, Circle

Our Price:  €53.66

Brand:  Grimm's

  • Learn basic shapes and forms.
  • Build hours of open-ended play.
  • Explores tactile and visual sensory.
  • Improves finesse.

Grimms Triangle, Square, Circle

This gorgeous set of Circles, Triangles & Square from Grimms Wooden Toys is perfect to help children understand and learn about the basic forms. They will enjoy building for hours with this open ended set of blocks and shapes all while enjoying a full sensory experience. This set is popular in Montessori schools also as it helps children learn about the shapes in the world around them by exploring these  colourful geometrical shapes. The blocks are unvarnished like the rest of the lovely Grimms range so they can be stacked easily without slipping. These blocks are a puzzle, a toy and a challenge for your little one. We bet youll love playing with them as much as they do!


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