Grimms Small Houses, handpainted

Grimms Small Houses, handpainted

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Brand:  Grimm's

  • Enhances dexterity.
  • Sparks creativity and imagination.
  • Boosts creative communication.
  • Provides growth for social interaction.

Grimms Small Houses, Handpainted

These Handpainted small houses from Grimms Wooden Toys are a beautiful striking set. Perfect for creating a miniature city these Wooden Houses also have so many other uses! They are perfect for stacking, for adding life to the side of a Wooden Train set, for explaining to your little one how people live in different homes, for exploring colours and as a puzzle to slot them all back into the sturdy wooden base. This is a really addictive set and we decided to open one up in the shop for the adults, I mean the kids to play with. There really is something therapeutic about these little Wooden Houses and it is why they are a top seller here at Baba Me.

Frame is 22cm long. Blocks are 8cm high & 2 10cm 

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