Grimm's Set Of Bowls Ocean

Grimm's Set Of Bowls Ocean

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Brand:  Grimm's
Dimensions:  9 cmMaterial

  • Fosters creativity and imagination.
  • Improves better spatial reasoning.
  • Enhance cognitive flexibility.
  • Improves sorting and stacking skills.

Grimm's Set of Bowls Ocean

Too cute not to have! Provide hours of learning and let your children explore their creative side thru these Set of Bowls Ocean.

Open new doors and endless possibilities or ways it can be used to this colorful and simply painted bowls. It features subtle shades of blue, green, and yellow - all pleasant to the eyes. It can be used as a standalone, a plate, a cooking pot or whatever your little ones can think of. They can stack and sort these adorable bowls too!

Made from alder and non-toxic water-based color stain.

Diameter: 9 cm

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