Goula Honey Yummy Board Game
 Goula Honey Yummy Board GameGoula Honey Yummy Board Game 

Goula Honey Yummy Board Game

by Goula
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Brand:  Goula
Age:  3 +
Material:  100% recycled materials
Packaging:  100% recycled materials
Sustainable:  Yes

Made from 100% recycled materials
Helps develop communication and language skills
Team playing

Made from 100% recycled materials, this eco friendly kids boards game will provide hours of fun and entertainment, and help children with their communication and language skills.

A great game which teaches team playing! All the players want to make sure the hive is filled with honey, before Boris the bears manages to get his paws on the honey! If he gets his paws on the honey, Boris wins and steals the entire honey supply. 

The bees fly between the flowers collecting the honey to fill the hive. The player rolls the dice and counts the number of flowers on the cube, and move forward that number of spaces, in the direction of their choice (but they can't change direction). Several bees can land on one flower at a time. If one of the honey drops are lying on the flower they land on, the player takes the honey drop and places it in the hive. If the bees manager to fill the beehive with honey before Boris the bear is in the hive, they win, if Boris is faster, he wins.

1 hive
8 flower cards
24 honey drops
4 bees
1 bear
1 cube

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