Gnaw Chocolate Buttons 6 Bag Bundle

Gnaw Chocolate Buttons 6 Bag Bundle

Our Price:  €18.47

Gnaw Caramel Chocolate ButtonsGnaw Caramel Chocolate Buttons
Gnaw  Organic Dark Chocolate ButtonsGnaw Organic Dark Chocolate Buttons
Gnaw Milk Chocolate ButtonsGnaw Milk Chocolate Buttons
Gnaw Mixed Chocolate ButtonsGnaw Mixed Chocolate Buttons
Gnaw Organic Mixed Chocolate ButtonsGnaw Organic Mixed Chocolate Buttons

Brand:  Gnaw
Packaging:  Compostable Packaging

Bundle up six bags of bite-size Gnaw handcrafted chocolate - little drops of chocolatey goodness to share, savour or stuff down (we won't judge).

Choose the flavours you like most from our three chocolate classics - chompable milk chocolate, smooth caramel chocolate and marvellous mixed (milk, white and dark chocolate), to our tasty organic mixed or dark chocolate buttons (vegan).

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