Gnaw Caramel Hot Choc Shot - 50g

Gnaw Caramel Hot Choc Shot - 50g

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Brand:  Gnaw

  • Yummy caramel hot chocolate.
  • Simply add hot milk, stir and enjoy.
  • Handmade in Norfolk.

Gnaw Caramel Hot Choc Shot - 50g

Velvety caramel flavoured hot chocolate shot with mini marshmallows.

Delicious creamy hot chocolate with the sweet flavour of rich smooth caramel.

The perfect way to enjoy a chocolate treat, simply heat some milk, put in a cup, stir in your hot chocolate shot until it’s melted, add the marshmallows and enjoy.

The perfect tasty and ‘Gnawty’ chocolate treat.

Natural, ethical chocolate with a does of squirrely fun hand crafted in Norfolk.

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