Flip Potty Training Pants Kit

Flip Potty Training Pants Kit

by Flip Nappies
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Flip Potty Training Pants Pad 3-PackFlip Potty Training Pants Pad 3-Pack

Brand:  Flip
Style:  Potty Training Pants
Size:  20-55 lbs
Drying Time:  Fast
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Nighttime Nappy:  Yes
Ease of Use:  Very Easy
Slimness:  Very Slim
Absorbency Rating:  Low
Absorbency Material:  Organic Cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  USA
Needs Outer Wrap:  No
Pull Up:  Yes
Open Out:  Yes

The Flip Training Pants are perfect for little ones starting to potty train. This kit has three inserts, so you have three pull-ups in one. The reusable cover can be used repeatedly, just changing the inserts each time meaning this pull-up is great value for money!

Not only does it act as a pull-up (so your toddler thinks they're wearing pants) it has snaps on the sides, so if they do have an accident you don't have to pull soiled pants down, you can un-snap them to remove! The side panels are stretchy so your little one can pull them up and down easily.

The pads for this wrap are made from organic cotton, they're also available separately in sets of three. They have velcro to hold them in place inside the cover and will feel wet if your little one has a wee accident, so they learn to get to the potty to avoid feeling wet!

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