Flip Potty Training Pants Pad 3-Pack

Flip Potty Training Pants Pad 3-Pack

by Flip Nappies
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Brand:  Flip
Style:  Potty Training Pants Pads
Size:  20-55 lbs
Drying Time:  Average
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Nighttime Nappy:  Yes
Ease of Use:  Very Easy
Slimness:  Very Slim
Absorbency Rating:  Low
Absorbency Material:  Organic Cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  USA
Needs Outer Wrap:  Yes
Pull Up:  Yes
Open Out:  Yes

These areTraining Pant Covers on their own (without inserts)

Flip Potty Trainer Pad: 3-Pack

Is your little one showing signs of readiness for potty training? If reusable nappies worked well for your family, why not go reusable for the potty training stage too? Many parents switch to cloth at this stage to save the costs of expensive disposable pull ups. If you were a fan of the cute printed nappies and solid colours from Bumgenius and Flip, you will be glad to hear that they are the brains behind the Flip training pants!

Flip Trainer Pads attach to the Flip Potty Training Pants and are easily removed for washing. These soaker pads have 6 layers of very absorbent organic cotton jersey and can be changed when wet without having to change the whole trainer.

Each package includes 3 x 100% organic cotton Flip Potty Trainer Pads. (Training Pant sold separately)

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