Flip Holiday Kit

Flip Holiday Kit

by Flip Nappies
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Flip Cover - WrapsFlip Cover - Wraps
Flip Disposable Inserts (18 pack)Flip Disposable Inserts (18 pack)

Brand:  Flip

Fantastic value flip holiday pack which essentially gives you 1 FREE pack of flip disposables

Flip nappies are the ideal solution for you when real life gets in the way. When the machine breaks down, when you break down, when the kids are sick or just when you are on holiday you can flip your inserts to their degradable bamboo inserts which are perfect for those times. The degradable inserts work just as well as the flip organic inserts but will break down in landfill, as they are not covered in a plastic waterproof layer like most single-use nappies. You will still change the cover every 2-3 times but these can be handwashed and dry super quickly so make the ideal solution when you can't use cloth nappies full time.

This kit contains 1 cover and 2 packs of flip disposables.

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