Fibre Jute & Cane Handle Bag

Fibre Jute & Cane Handle Bag

Our Price:  €7.63


Size:  Height: 35cm , (48.5cm with handles), Width: 29cm , Length: 12cm
Dimensions:  12x29x35 (cm)

Do you want to have a hassle free shopping experience?

It doesn't matter if you're going grocery shopping or running errands around town; this versatile bag has got everything covered! You won't have to worry about forgetting anything when packing because there are plenty of pockets inside and out where you can store everything from groceries to makeup essentials. 

✓ 100% NATURAL FIBRES  - This bag is made from 100% natural fibres so there's no chance of any chemicals or toxins leaching into your clothes or food. It's also biodegradable which means you're doing your part for the environment by using one less disposable bag every time you go shopping. 
✓ A STRONG OPTION FOR CARRYING - Carry your groceries home without having to deal with nasty plastic bags! This jute fibre bag can be used again and again, and it's light-weight so you can get through the checkout quicker.

✓ THE DESIGN IS READY FOR ANYTHING! - The traditional natural colour makes this joyously rustic bag suitable for any occasion. Tear resistant and conveniently lightweight.

Shopping is such a hassle, but this jute handle bag makes it more enjoyable. The sturdy jute material will hold up to anything and make the trip less of a struggle. Keep your hands free for other things because you'll be carrying just what you need with room in this carry-all! 
This little beauty can also act as the perfect present for loved ones (or yourself!) They'll love that it's durable enough to last them forever while helping them say goodbye to bags at checkout lines! Best of all, they can reuse it over and over again instead of filling up landfills with needless plastic and paper sacks.

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1. Where are they made?
Our jute handle bag is made in India

2. What is the size of the bag?
Height is 35cm, 48.5cm with handles

3. Are these suitable for shopping?

YES! Keep your shopping lightweight with this jute fibre bag that's recyclable and that you can use again and again.

7. Are these suitable as a gift?
YES!  This versatile handle tote will make a great gift for any friend or coworker who could use more organization in their lives!

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