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Ethical Gifts Under Ä10

Buying ethical presents is something all of us should be doing. Itís our way of supporting fairtrade businesses as well as sharing these values with our family and friends. Become the perfect gift giver with our collection of high quality yet affordable ethically made gifts. If you are shopping on a budget for ethical gifts, donít worry. We have an amazing selection of gifts for under Ä10.

ethical gifts under 10

Teachers play a vital role in our childrenís lives and if you donít want to spend much more than a tenner, one idea for you is to go for mugs. Travel mugs like Gosip Rice Husk Cup are popular gifts for teachers primarily because just like most people, teachers use mugs every day. With a wide variety of designs and prints to choose from, thereís a husk cup to fit every teacherís personality.

If you want something more unique, we recommend checking out our soy based candles from Wild Olive. Unlike personal care products, you can buy this gift for almost everyone. You could also consider socks as gifts. Everyone needs socks thatís why they make for ideal gifts. We have Thoughtís ethical bamboo socks in beautiful designs that is perfect for every teacher.

Ever heard of seedballs? Well, you can buy them as a gift too. They are basically seeds wrapped around a mold of clay that you can toss out in your garden and wait for it to grow. You can have a backyard full of wildflowers in no time.

How about jute bags? Jute bags are sturdy and eco-friendly. They make great presents for teachers. Books, school suppliers or just their lunch to school can be stored and carried inside.

Eco-friendly gifts for kids

Most children have short attention span which means that they will play their toys for a short period of time before they set them aside and move on to their next interests. So buying expensive toys, especially ones that are made from plastic and other synthetic materials should be out of the question.

Sometimes high quality second hand toys are difficult to find but that should not deter you from buying them especially if you are on a budget. You can look for great deals and bargains from charity shops or local classified ads for listings on second hand toys. Most second hand toys are cheap and make for great gifts.

If buying used toys is not an option, donít worry. We stock high quality toys like puzzles that are ethically made and your kids will surely love.

Puzzles! They make for great gifts because everyone loves them. They help your kids develop a wide range of skills like problem solving, logic, patience and fine motor skills. Most importantly, they provide wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

We also love the idea of story sacks with wooden animals. They can be played in a variety of ways and make for great story collections. You can add a variety of action figures, animals and mystical creatures to story sacks to make storytelling more fun and imaginative.

Board games like Snake & Ladders, Ludo and Dominoes also make for perfect gifts and they are mostly priced under Ä10. We particularly love BigJigís snake and ladders for its bright colours.

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