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Ethical Gifts for Eco Warriors

One of the hottest topics in recent years is how we can protect our environment from total destruction. Even as simple as switching to plastic-free products can make a huge difference. Protecting and caring for our planet should be at the top of our priorities because there is no planet B. With this environmental awareness, an exciting market and demand for eco-friendly gifts has emerged.

ethical gifts for eco warriors

What are the best gifts for eco warriors?

Choosing a thoughtful present for someone makes our hearts fluster and melt as we want to see their faces light up when they open our presents. However, picking the perfect gift for an eco warrior can be a bit tough. But donít worry. We have selected some of the best eco-friendly gifts to show how much you care.

1. Zero Waste Picnics

The joys of opening a hamper or a reusable shopping bag full of reusable picnic treats is undeniably good! Eco warriors will surely love whatís inside. From bamboo cutlery, stainless steel straws to reusable bottle and washable sandwich wraps or snack bags all make excellent gifts. All things you can get without having to spend so much!

2. Plastic-free kitchenware

One of the best feelings in the world is to have a plastic-free kitchen. And this is a great gift where you do not have to spend much. The coconut scourers or dish brushes are great for replacing plastic sponges. Reusable wipes are fantastic alternatives to paper towels. While wax wraps are better than cling films because they can keep your food fresher for longer.

3. Waste free bathroom

Toothbrushes are replaced once every three months. That is a must for a proper oral hygiene. Thus, a simple bamboo toothbrush is a great gift. The fact that bamboo is a sustainable resource and is biodegradable is perfect enough to achieve a greener lifestyle. A reusable razor over a plastic one is also a great idea.

Aside from the other aforementioned ideas, you can include bar soaps, plastic-free bath melts, shampoo bars and moisturizing lotion bars. We highly recommend Agnes and Cat soaps and the Daisy Rainbow duck-shaped soaps.

4. Cozy gifts

Indulgent and cozy gifts donít necessarily mean expensive. Soy based candles in glass jars come just under Ä10. They smell amazing and look great. If you have a higher budget, you could go for soft throws made from recycled bottles or ethically made bamboo socks. These are fantastic gift ideas.

5. Experience is the best gift.

If you still canít decide what to gift your loved one or friend, we recommend bringing them to an ethical restaurant or take them to a park and enjoy a waste free meal. A subscription to what they love is also incredible. An organic vegetable box sounds nice too!

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