Epsom Bath Salts

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Artisan Handmade Natural Epsom Salts for a Fantastic Bath Salt Experience

Enjoy a relaxing bath with our range of natural and organic bath salts. These bath salts do not contain the harmful chemicals usually found in synthetic-based bath salts. These bath salts are handmade using a combination of natural ingredients and botanicals that soothes the senses and nourishes the skin. Not only that, they rejuvenate and heal tired and sore muscles, improve blood circulation, detoxify and balance skin oils. You can choose from a wide selection of blends and scents to match your mood and meet your needs. With their natural fragrances, these bath salts make for a relaxing aromatherapy session at home.

Epsom Bath Salt

Although there’s no concrete evidence to its efficacy, Epsom salts are believed to reduce muscle swelling and soothe tired muscles. It’s also used to treat minor joint pains and aches. Epsom salts are most commonly used as bath salts.

If you're looking for bath salts, look no further than our Epsom salt collection.