English Tea Shop - Red Star

English Tea Shop - Red Star

Our Price:  €4.33

Brand:  English Tea Shop
Organic:  Yes
Weight:  0.012 kg
Fair Trade:  Yes
Vegan:  Yes
Vegetarian:  Yes

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Ingredients: Sweet vanilla bread - organic black tea with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, apple and vanilla organic black tea(62%), organic cinnamon pieces(12%), organic ginger pieces(12%), natural flavourings(5%), organic cardamom pieces(3%), organic apple pieces(3%), organic vanilla pods(3%). savoury blend - organic black tea with cinnamon, apple, LICORICE, orange, rosehip and vanilla organic black tea(50%), organic cinnamon pieces(26%), organic apple pieces(5%), organic LICORICE(5%), natural flavourings(5%), organic orange peels(3%), organic rosehip(3%), vanilla pods(3%). 'white tea lychee cocoa - organic white tea with cinnamon, cocoa, coconut and lychee organic white tea(77%), organic cinnamon pieces(8%), organic cocoa nibs(6%), natural flavourings(5%), organic coconut pieces(3%), organic lychee(1%). glory day - organic chamomile herbal tea with cinnamon, apple, cocoa, rosehip and orange organic chamomile