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Plan Toys Beehives
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Bigjigs First Flower Stacker
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Bigjigs Magnetic Fishing Fun
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Bigjigs Stack a Stick
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Educational Toys


Children love to play & have fun and all of our fantastic educational toys & games will teach your children a variety of skills, whilst they play and have hours of endless fun. From teaching clocks, to maths toys and brilliant educational toys, we have a wide range for every age and ability.

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Tender Leaf Blue Bird Service Station Toy Garage
Grimms Sorting Game Rainbow Bowls
Grimms 6 Cars, coloured
Grimms Pastel Semi Circles
Indigo Jamm Trawler Ted & Fishing Game
€53.07   €45.11
Djeco Tac Boum Pom
€54.29   €43.43
Grimms Small Sorting Game, 3 wooden bowls
Grimms Building Set Weather
Big Jigs Lock Box
€44.17   €37.55
Grimms Blue Truck Pull Toy
Indigo Jamm Memory Game Ark
€40.91   €34.77
Djeco Stabilou Balancing Game
Grimm's Colourful Bead Stair
Grimms Counting Stack Game
Tender Leaf Toys Alphabet Pictures
Tender Leaf Toys What's Up?
Grimms Rolling Boats
Tender Leaf Toys Tortoise Shape Sorter
Tender Leaf Toys Garden Patch Puzzle
Tender Leaf Toys Ladybug Teaching Clock
Tidlo animal sorting cube
€27.09   €23.03
Tidlo ABC Board
€26.87   €22.84
Bigjigs Number Tray
€26.48   €22.51
Plan Toys Beehives
€26.48   €22.50
Tender Leaf Toys Bear Colours Clock
Grimms Threading Game Large Buttons
Tender Leaf Toys Balancing Polar Circle
Tender Leaf Toys How Many Acorns?
Grimms Threading Game Small Bobbins
Tender Leaf Toys Snail Whirls
Big Jigs Counting Snake Puzzle
€24.87   €21.14
Plan Toys Shake N Flip
€24.31   €20.67
Bigjigs Fractions Tray
€24.27   €20.63
Djeco Animo
Djeco Aventuro
Djeco Belissimo
Djeco Monstro
Djeco Cubissimo
Djeco Polyssimo
Tender Leaf Toys Pond Dipping
Bigjigs Farmhouse Sorter
€23.21   €19.73
Tender Leaf Toys Citrus Fractions
Tidlo Sorting & Teaching Clock
€22.11   €18.80
Bigjigs My First Fractions Puzzle
€22.10   €18.79
Bigjigs ABC Blocks
€22.07   €18.76
Big Jigs Rocking Pirate Boat Balance Game
€22.06   €18.75
Grimms 5 Math Friends
Bigjigs Magnetic Weather Board
€21.01   €17.86
Djeco Fishing shark
Tender Leaf Toys Clever Cat Memory Game
Tidlo My First Hammer Bench
€21.94   €17.55
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Early developmental toys are the best way to teach your child basic education. We have the best early developmental toys that are not only aesthetically pleasing to add charisma so that your child is enthusiastic to learn.

Toys were made for children for their entertainment. But would it be better if they are educational as well? Of course! The wooden puzzles that we have are fun and educational! These educational games are here to develop your child’s problem-solving skills. We have different puzzles to choose from – from line puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and many more!


Enhance the reading skills of your child by using alphabet toys. These alphabet toys are the best when it comes to developing your child' language. Other than that, they can also enhance your child' problem-solving skills.


Enhance the math skills of your child by using math toys. These math toys are the best when it comes to developing your child's math skills. Other than that, they can also enhance your child' problem-solving skills.