EcoStyle All-in Cleaning Kit

EcoStyle All-in Cleaning Kit

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Multi Purpose Kitchen and Dish SoapMulti Purpose Kitchen and Dish Soap
Wooden Dish Brush With Plant BristlesWooden Dish Brush With Plant Bristles
Unpaper Towels Mint Leaf - 5 PackUnpaper Towels Mint Leaf - 5 Pack
Unsponge Scrub Surface - 2 PackUnsponge Scrub Surface - 2 Pack
Unsponge Smooth Surface - 2 PackUnsponge Smooth Surface - 2 Pack
Wooden Pot BrushWooden Pot Brush
Oceansaver Cleaner Refill DropsOceansaver Cleaner Refill Drops

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Are you an eco warrior looking for a new way to reduce your family's plastic waste?

This collection of natural, eco-friendly cleaning products and accessories will revolutionise the way you wash your dishes, pots and pans, countertops and hob tops. Janni Bars all purpose soap bar is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal with no harsh chemicals in sight. Plus it leaves your kitchen smelling nice without any synthetic fragrances. With your choice of OceanSavers cleaning drops, you'll even find a new green method of cleaning the windows or floors.

- These products are made with a natural formula and presented to you in 100% plastic free packaging.

- The Janni Bars Kitchen Soap harnesses the power of nature to give a grease cutting effect as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in an all natural way. OceanSavers have the same eco friendly credentials. You can rely on these for effective clean without having to worry about the health of your family (including your pets!). They are a breath of fresh air to use!

These products are kind to animals, as well as to humans and the planet!


Our handpicked products are zero waste & made using only sustainable ingredients.

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Our 100% all-natural products are free from toxic chemicals and nasties.

A chic little bundle, for someone who is all- in and ready to jump in to a cleaning regime powered by nature!

This gorgeous selection of cleaning products and accessories will brighten up your kitchen and take the hassle out of cleaning. Say goodbye to plastic bottles filled with chemical cleaning products cluttering up your kitchen, Janni Bars all purpose Kitchen soap, which is made with just 4 powerful natural ingredients, is good for cleaning everything from the dishes to the hob tops. Pop this chunky bar of kitchen soap on to the chic wooden soap dish provided to keep it dry between uses. It will look great! The kit also includes 1x Oceansavers cleaning drops of your choice, and, whether you pick antibacterial cleaner, degreaser, window cleaner or floor cleaner, you are in for a treat! Simply take an old empty spray bottle, add your cleaning pod, and top up with water. This are plant based cleaners and are ocean friendly too :)

Are you familiar with an 'unsponge'? The idea is simple- these are an eco friendly replacement for traditional sponges. In your kit, you will find two "smooth" unsponges(replacing the soft spongy part of traditional sponges) and two "scrub" unsponges (replacing the scrubby side of sponges.) The other side has a elegant attractive mint leaf print, so these are much more stylish than an old yellow sponge! Pair these with your Kitchen soap, and you are good to scrub hardened food from your workstops or wipe down your hob. These are made from super durable organic cotton and are suitable for machine washing, making them much more hygenic and effective. For particularly troublesome pots and pans, the ecoliving pot brush will take care of it in a jiffy!

With the same lush print as your unsponges, your pack of 5 unpaper towels will finish the look in your new eco kitchen. These replace paper towels, but, made with woven birds eye cotton, they are a great deal more absobent, effective and durable! There will be no looking back when you discover how effectively these clean up!

Baba Me staff have found that these new products are so lovely to use, they are enough to make cleaning a pleasure! So if you're ready for gentle but thorough plastic free cleaning order yours today!


1. Are they vegan friendly?

YES! Both the soap bar and the ocean savers cleaning drops are plant based and suitable for vegans.

2. Are they safe to use around pets and children?

YES! A lot of the cleaners out there have really harsh chemicals and strong perfumes, which may smell lovely but aren't great to expose children and pets to. You can feel confident in using this soap and cleaning drops that you are using a safe, all natural alternative.

3. Where are they made?

Janni Bars are made in Ireland using the finest quality ingredients, while OceanSavers are made in Europe. Eco Living are based in the UK, while unpaper towels and unsponges are responsibly made in India by a small, family run business

4. How powerful is the smell?

These are scented by nature, and not synthetic perfumes. They will however still leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean!

5. Are these SLS and paraben free?

Of course!

6. Do these contain palm oil?


7. What can I use the Kitchen Soap bar for?

This bar is designed for cleaning your dishes and kitchen surfaces, but there is really no end to its usefullness. We have it on good authority that it also does a great job of leaving your bathroom sink gleaming!

8. Will the kitchen soap do as good a job as the washing up liquid I am used to?

Using a solid bar will be a little different to using a gel, no doubt. However, the kitchen bar should last ages and will give a really reliable, effective clean. Janni has very thoughtfully selected ingredients that will naturally cut through grease and are anti fungal and anti bacterial.

9. How do I use the Kitchen Soap?

Use the kitchen soap as you would a bar of soap! You can lather up with a sponge or cloth to achieve a sparkling hobtop or worktops, or use with the natural dish brush provided for your dishes. Check out our cleaning accessories for a whole range of accessories that will be just as eco friendly as your kitchen soap!

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(Saponified) Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil, Sodium Chloride (salt), Citrus Limon (Lemon) oil, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) oil.

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