ecoLiving Eco Floss 2 Pack

ecoLiving Eco Floss 2 Pack

by EcoLiving
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Brand:  Eco Living
Size:  50m
Material:  Plant-Based Vegan Floss
Packaging:  Plant-based packaging.
Country Manufacture:  EU
Dimensions:  x x
Fair Trade:  Yes
Vegan:  Yes
Sustainable:  Yes

Are you looking to make the change to eco friendly, plastic free oral care products?

Eco Floss is the perfect solution for those who are looking for an eco-friendly and sustainable way of keeping their teeth clean. Eco Floss is a biodegradable tooth floss that safely eliminates plague and helps you achieve optimal dental hygiene and fresh breath.

✓ You'll be able to keep your teeth clean without having to worry about whether or not you're doing a good job at keeping them clean!
✓ Your teeth will be healthier than ever.
✓ Eco Floss will make your smile sparkle again!

You'll be able to get a lot more done with your day when you don't have to worry about whether or not you're doing a good job at keeping your teeth clean! Eco Floss is an innovative new range of plant-based dental flosses in plant-based packaging. The floss is made with the highest quality natural raw material that you can get. ecoLiving Eco Floss contains no synthetic additives and chemicals, it is 100% vegan and taste free.

✓ 100% Plant-Based, renewable resources and vegan
✓ 80% fewer greenhouse gases than regular floss
✓ Biodegradable without pollution in certain conditions
✓ No GMOs, No Palm Oil. Generous 50m bobbins
✓ Made with plant-based packaging

You'll live a healthier life when you take the time to keep your teeth clean.

Eco Floss is an exciting new approach to dental hygiene, taking a green approach to oral care. Made from natural PLA, this floss is made from previously wasted corn by-products and has a more compostable packaging than regular floss. This small change makes a big difference on the environment, and it also makes keeping your teeth clean a little easier. This string’s production uses 80% fewer greenhouse gases than regular floss, and because it is biodegradable, it can safely be disposed of in the compost or landfill. 

If you want to feel confident about how clean your teeth are then make sure to buy ecoLiving Eco Floss today!

Eco Living is an online retailer for eco-friendly products, with a focus on sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. They are dedicated to doing as little harm to our environment as possible by creating some killer zero waste products from UK.

1. Are they vegan friendly?

2. Do these contain palm oil?

3. How do I use these?
Use a gentle sawing motion with the floss as it winds between your teeth. Curl the end of the string into C shape against one tooth, gently rubbing along to clean and polish.

3. Do these work with braces?
These are not recommended for use with braces. You could try our interdental brushes though.


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