Eco Rainbow Cloth Pads Postpartum
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Eco Rainbow Cloth Pads Postpartum

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Brand:  Eco Rainbow

  • Eco Rainbow Cloth Pad designed for Postpartum for heavy bleeding after childbirth.
  • Use the KAM snap to secure the pad.
  • Measures 13" in size with a Zorb inner layer.
  • Extra protection from the hidden layer of waterproof PUL.

What's your go-to sanitary pad when the time of the month comes? Prepped up and use this amazing Eco Rainbow Cloth Pads Postpartum.

Eco Rainbow Cloth Pads are your perfect alternative for an environment friendly, safe, comfortable, happy and stress-free period. This unique cloth pad is measured 13" in size and designed to accommodate and contain heavy bleeding after childbirth.

It absorbs wetness and flow with the ultra-absorbent Zorb inner layer with a polar fleece backing. 1 layer of Zorb is equals to 3 layers of flannels. Amazing! You can also add a hidden layer of waterproof PUL inside the pad for extra protection.

How to secure your pad? Use the KAM snap found on the wings! This snap will ensure that your pad will stay in place even for the most active woman. Wash it after use and hang to dry.

Suit your mood with the different designs and prints for a stress-free period! You got this!

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