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Eco-friendly Party Bag Ideas

For most parents and kids, a party is not as fun without party bags. Party bags are a way for the host to say thanks to party attendees. They bring excitement and fun to a lot of parties. However, most party bags are filled with either sugar-filled sweets or cheap plastic toys.

eco-friendly party bag ideas

While complete unnecessary, some parents feel obligated to hand out party bags due to tradition. If you are one of these parents, don’t worry. We’ve listed our top alternatives to traditional party bags. These party bag ideas are eco-friendly and waste-free.

Top choices for plastic-free party bag

We adore and love wooden toys because we think they are fantastic party favors that will last for generations to come. There’s a reason why even today wooden toys remain popular. As toys, their timeless charm and appeal is unmatched. Compare them to cheap plastic toys, which are not only bad for the environment but also considered dangerous to your children, wooden toys are safe and 100% eco-friendly. There are excellent range of puzzles, stationery and games that are perfect for party bags that you can find at our shop.

Our Favourite Party Bag Fillers

  • Wooden spinning tops are perfect party bag fillers! These traditional toys are affordable and provide great value of great value. Buying them cheap at your local toy stores allows you to add more fillers to your party bags.
  • For transport-themed parties, we recommend BigJigs railway, roadway and runway tape. Create a playspace anywhere with the runway tape and add some wooden toy cars for open-ended fun for kids.
  • Wooden animals figures that are super cute are excellent party bag fillers. We love Tender Leaf woodland animals and the huge range of wooden toys from Holztiger.
  • School essentials. For older kids, a notebook, pencil, eraser or even a pencil case are party bag fillers that kids would actually use.
  • Musical toys or toys that make sounds like bird whistles, maracas and mini-tambourines are always a hit with children. Most of these toys are safe and your child's tiny hands can hold on to these toys easily.

Add a slice of cake or no-so-sweet treats to these aforementioned toys and your party bags would definitely add joy to kids attending your party.

Can party bags be eco-friendly and cost-effective at the same time?

Yes, absolutely. There’s no need to spend a lot of money on party bags. Instead of toys, give out homemade cupcakes and chocolate buttons for older kids and a packet of raisins for littles that they can nibble on their journey home.

There are still items that make for great party fillers that don’t break the bank. Wooden photo frames, for example. They’re dirty cheap and you can give them out at the end of your party.

Homemade playdough is also an affordable and eco-friendly option. Make a big batch of these toys for your upcoming party and send each child home with a jar.

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