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Do You Bring a Baby Gift When Visiting a Newborn?

When you have the invitation to visit, do you really need to bring a baby gift?

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Babies are so fragile and delicate that if you are visiting your friendís or a member of your family, you have to, well, at least, consider and keep in mind some etiquettes. For example, you always wash your hands when you are going to hold the baby. It is because babies have not yet fully developed their immune system. It is also not proper to kiss a baby because they might contract diseases. Also, wait for the signal when to hold the baby.

Another example is to wait for the invitation. Big check to this because new parents are still in a state where they are vulnerable. Like the mommy in the middle of a meltdown or half-dressed looking cranky. The parents, especially the mommy is sleep-deprived so most of the time, she is sleeping at the hospital and barging unannounced might be awkward and unhelpful. It is best to wait for the go signal and when everything has settled down.

You Can Bring a Baby Gift but It's Totally Not Mandatory

When you finally got the invitation, you hurried to the hospital or to the house but stopped at the doorway because you were thinking of what to bring or do you really need to bring one. Ideally, bringing baby gifts is not mandatory but the thought counts!

New parents will surely welcome and appreciate any gift but will not mind if you don't have one. They have other things in mind thatís probably more important than gifts. But itís a kind gesture and act of welcoming their new bundle of joy, if you bring a baby gift during your visit.

Some new parents are not fully equipped for the battle of parenthood so you can at least bring in personalized gifts or unique baby gifts that are useful in their journey. Personalized gifts such as a cute baby frame, a blanket with the babyís name embroidered on it or a gift basket full of baby essentials are welcoming.

You can also bring in a set of reusable cloth nappies, wipes and clothes. Baby care essentials are on top of the list so you can opt for shampoos, moisturizers, soothing salves, and nappy cream. Toys are also welcome but make sure to bring child-safe and those that the babies can use as it grows. In short, bring gifts that are useful for the parents if you want to.

Apart from that, not only the new born baby deserves a present but the parents as well. Probably both parents havenít had a pleasant or full meal since the delivery, you can hand in food. Nothing beats a warm casserole of chicken stew or a pot of warm soup for the parents.

Balloons and flowers or a fruit basket are also good gift ideas. Cards are also heartwarming along with a camera where you can take photos to celebrate the birth of the child. A pampering kit for the new mom is also perfect after several nights of late-night shifts.

Who says presents can be in solid forms? Presents can also be in the form of helping them in the tasks so be a pair of extra hands for the parents to perform other duties and have a full rest. Insist on helping them such as doing the dishes or babysitting the baby. New parents would love that.

In conclusion, you should not feel obligated to bring along a baby gift when visiting a newborn because itís totally not mandatory but a heart-warming gesture, nonetheless. There are also other ways you can show and express your thoughtfulness and in welcoming the new baby.

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