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Do Nappy Rash Creams Burn or Sting?

nappy rash cream

Nappy Rash Creams

Nappy rash can appear when babiesí delicate skin are exposed to several factors such as soiled nappies where urine and stool can come in contact with the skin or when the material composition of nappies are made from rough ones that can irritate the skin. To alleviate pain and discomfort, you need to apply a nappy rash cream onto the affected area.

Fortunately, nappy rash creams is available before the simple rash can turn worse or even spread. The worst case scenarios can include blisters and even bleeding. Nappy rash creams are applied on the irritated skin thinly or in generous amounts depending on your GPís prescription or as a motherís prerogative.

A nappy rash cream can contain several ingredients such as emollients and zinc oxides. Emollients are used to promote softening and moisturization. These then helps relieve dryness from the irritated skin. Products such as zinc oxides create a barrier between the nappy and the skin to wick away moisture. This product is an active ingredient that prevents rash.

Some nappy rash creams are used as directed from the packaged. How often these products should be used depends on the condition of your babyís skin. Plus, the area where the cream will be applied must be cleaned first.

Tips to avoid rash

There are also other ways in which you can prevent nappy rash from ever occurring. Babies can take time off of nappies or change your babyís nappy once it gets soiled. Do not let the soiled nappy rest for too long as irritation can start.

Tight fitting nappies can also be a reason why your baby has a rash. So instead of buying smaller sizes, go for larger ones where your babyís skin can actually breathe. When a rash is already present, excessive rubbing should be avoided.

Usually a mild nappy rash can go away 2-3 days but when it doesnít, diaper rash creams are prescribed. These creams are mild and safe to use that can actually help heal the affected skin. Once applied to the rash, babies may experience a burning or stinging sensation which is completely normal.

A burning or stinging sensation may actually mean that the product is working its way to heal whatever cause the irritation. However, if these effects persist, you should contact your GP immediately. Side effects can happen such as extensive spreading instead of actually containing the rash. Others may include swelling, blisters and bacterial infestation.

Zinc oxide which is present in some nappy rash creams and can have side effects of itching and hives. That is why moderation use of products with zinc oxides should be implemented. In most cases where a nappy rash cream is prescribed by a GP, the prescription must be followed in order to prevent further infection and side effects.

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