Djeco Small & Bigs Educational Games

Djeco Small & Bigs Educational Games

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Brand:  Djeco
Age:  3y+
Type:  GAMES
Material:  Cardboard
Packaging:  Cardboard
Country Manufacture:  China

Do you have a child who is always asking questions about the world around them?

The Djeco small and bigs educational games are an excellent way to teach children about sizes, animals and matching skills. With all Djeco products, you can be sure that your child will love playing with these fun toys. You'll never get tired of answering their endless questions because they're so much fun to play with. 

✓ Gives children an opportunity to have some quality time with their parents or caretaker.

✓ Provides a fun way to learn about animals and sizes.

✓ Helps children learn about the world around them.

✓ Stimulates creativity in children.

✓ Helps develop matching skills.


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You child can explore these beautiful illustrations as well as learning new facts about each animal. Each card has a number on it which corresponds with another card so there are lots of opportunities for matching skills too. You can use these games as a fun educational tool or even just as an addition to your child's toy collection. They will love playing with them on their own but they also make perfect gifts for friends birthdays or Christmas.

✓ PARENTS-CHILD BONDING - Play together with your child! The games will help parents connect with their children whilst having fun at the same time.
✓ EDUCATIONAL TOOL  - The educational games from Djeco are a great way for children to learn about sizes, animals and matching skills whilst having great fun.
✓ GREAT FOR KIDS - The Djeco range of educational games is perfect for kids aged 3 years old and up.
✓ CARDBOARD - 10 pieces of animals ranging in size from the smallest, the ant, to the largest the giraffe.
✓ ARTWORK - The artwork is stunning and will be a great addition to any child's room.

Do you want to teach your child about size and animals?

The game consists of ten different animals ranging in size from the smallest ant to the largest giraffe. Your little one will learn how big each animal is by putting it next to another animal that looks similar but has a larger or smaller body part. They'll also learn how many ants fit into an elephant's ear or how many elephants fit into a hippo's mouth.

The aim of the game is to match up all the pictures before your opponent does. There are three ways to win: be first to match up all your cards, collect all matching pairs or have no unmatched cards left at the end of a round.

Djeco is a family company founded by Véronique Michel-Dalès in 1954. The name, Djeco, is a reference to the gecko, the lucky lizard. In 1989 Frédéric Michel-Dalès took over his mother's business and eventually became its CEO. Today he has grown it into an international toy empire with many different products that have been created by both himself and other designers from around the world. For more than 50 years Djeco creations have been awarded four Oscars for toys in the 1960s.

Djeco Small & Bigs puzzle  |  

"This charming puzzle is a huge hit in our household. They must work to put the piece together but also keep an eye on the small to large animals. It has the amazing quality & lovely design & colour that we have come to expect from Djeco."


Are these games for children 3 years old and up?

The answer is yes.

To which size are the animals in comparison to each other?

They range from smallest ant to largest giraffe.

Are these educational games?

Yes, yes they are. These puzzles are great for encouraging learning about sizes, animals and matching skills.

What material should you expect them to be made of?

You can expect these puzzles to be made out of cardboard.

What are the animals in this game?

The animals are represented by cardboard cutouts that come in 10 different sizes. They range from the smallest, an ant, to the largest, a giraffe. The animals include a variety of different animals including a dolphin, elephant, koala bear and walrus.

How do I play with this game?

To start playing this game, match whichever animal you have to another animal that has a similar body part but is larger or smaller than your animal. Next, teach your child how many ants fit into an elephant's ear or how many elephants fit into a hippo's mouth.

What age is the game meant for?

The game is perfect for children between 3 and 7 years old old.

What do I need?

To play you must have this game, pieces of animals in their size order, and two players.

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