Djeco DIY - Mosaics Sabers - Like a pirate

Djeco DIY - Mosaics Sabers - Like a pirate

Our Price:  €12.43

Age:  5 years +
Dimensions:  Box 40 x 20 x 4cm
Content:  Contents: 3 thick cardboard swords, 4 sets of metallic mosaic foam stickers, 1 set of instructions.

  • 3 pirate sabres with self adhesive mosaic pieces and gems.
  • A great activity for parties or play dates.
  • Boosts creativity, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Djeco Mosaic Pirate Sabres

This set of 3 cardboard sabres are all ready to be decorated with the self-adhesive mosaic tiles and gems.

A perfect activity for a play date or party and great for inspiring lots of imaginative games after craft time.

This is a great activity for little ones and a good one to have in the cupboard to bring out on a rainy day.

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