Djeco Animo

Djeco Animo

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Brand:  Djeco
Age:  2y+
Material:  Metal / Wood / magnet
Packaging:  Cardboard / Plastic
Country Manufacture:  China
Dimensions:  13.8x20.4x5.5cm
Jigsaw Pieces:  1 piece
Content:  Contents: 1 animal-shaped metal box and 41 magnetic wooden pieces.

A fun way to learn about magnets and how they work.

This playset is the perfect magnetic construction set that allows your children to create their favourite animals. It's easy enough for kids to play, but challenging enough to stimulate their brains. They can create animals using different combinations of magnetic play pieces, so there are always new challenges to be had.

✓ Keeps kids occupied on long car rides

✓  Promotes creativity and dexterity

✓  Helps develop logical thinking skills

✓  Give your kids a boost in creativity and imagination 

✓  Engage with your family, friends, or colleagues on the go


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With this toy, you can build anything from an elephant to a giraffe to a hippopotamus - and more. It's easy enough for children as young as 3 years old, but fun and challenging enough for older kids too! The pieces are stored inside the tin so it's great for travel. You can even use them on the fridge at home or in your office! And best of all, there are no loose parts so no mess either.

BEST TRAVEL TOY - The game can be played on the go, so it's perfect for holidays or long car journeys.

MAGNETIC GAME - This game features magnets that allow you to create hundreds of combinations and possibilities.

PERFECT INDOOR GAME - Great way of keeping kids entertained when they're stuck inside on rainy days.

MADE OF WOOD - Made from high-quality materials and designed to last.

DOZENS OF COMBINATIONS AND POSSIBILITIES - Hundreds of combinations and possibilities to be had with this magnetic game

Djeco Animo is a game that combines strategy, geometry and magnetism. The pieces store inside the tin so it's perfect for travel or taking on vacation! With over 100 magnets in every box, you won't run out of fun anytime soon. This is one game where everyone wins! Everyone gets excited when they see how many possibilities there are with just one simple board. 

Djeco is a family company founded by Véronique Michel-Dalès in 1954. The name, Djeco, is a reference to the gecko, the lucky lizard. In 1989 Frédéric Michel-Dalès took over his mother's business and eventually became its CEO. Today he has grown it into an international toy empire with many different products that have been created by both himself and other designers from around the world. For more than 50 years Djeco creations have been awarded four Oscars for toys in the 1960s.

Perfect travel toy
Tuesday, 22 January 2019  |  

"I'd been eying this up for ages before I finally bought it, but I'm so pleased I did. It's a great size and both sides of the box are lids, so you can use either colour. There are a selection of magnetic features. It's so much fun and my 3 year old loves it!!"

Best buy  |  

"I bought this ages ago for my daughter. It is still as loved today. My boy 5 even plays with it. It is a great item to take away for the day with you to keep the kids happy. very cute animals can be made & mixed up. My kids love to see who can make the silliest animal face. Great toy, all magnets can be stored in the box so no need to worry about losing any bits. Definitely recommend."

Great toy  |  

"Such a great toy! My little girl loves magnetic toys. A modern day, more attractive version of Mr Potato Head."

Travel perfect!  |  

"Bought this for a friend's child but gave my 2 year old a test drive first and he loved it . So many different pieces and possibilities. The different sides of the tin even give a lovely variety and it's so perfect for holidays and travel!"

Much loved toy! |  

"My little girl is three and received this for her Christmas 2017. She still plays with it everyday 5 months later. We have great fun making different animals such as the cat-owl and rabbicat. It's fantastic for learning body parts and colours too. Plus it's fully magnetic and stores within the tin. Perfect!"


Why are Djeco's magnets so strong?

These strong magnets are safe for kids of all ages, and they allow you to create hundreds of combinations and possibilities with the game.

What different options do Djeco Animo offer?

The board can be laid flat or in a spiral shape, with the latter having more variety. Plus, there are 3 ways to play which can help alleviate boredom that may set in with traditional games.

How many magnetic game pieces come in the box?

There are over 100 magnetic game pieces inside each box.

How many pieces come in the box?

The Djeco Animo kit comes with 12 large shapes and 12 small shapes, for a total of 24 pieces.

What ages is this kit appropriate for?

Djeco Animo is a kit designed for children of all ages.

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metal , wood, magnet

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