Djeco Animals Origami

Our Price:  €5.29

Age:  4y
Dimensions:  22x23cm
Content:  Contents: 24 animal sheets (20 x 20 cm), 3 sheets of stickers, 1 colour step-by-step instruction booklet.

  • Make 36 paper animals and decorate them with stickers.
  • A simple kits that is great for beginners.
  • Great for boosting creativity, concentration and dexterity.

Djeco Animals Origami

This is a charming set for beginners as you get 6 of each animal and the folds are nice and straightforward to follow.

The set comes with 36 fully decorated origami sheets that have the fold lines marked as well as 3 pages of stickers so children can add their choice of eyes, whiskers and other details.

Because there are six of each animal this would be an excellent activity for a group of children to do together, and once complete they make lovely little gifts to add to cards and are great for a bit of imaginative storytelling.

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