Dinosaur Dominoes

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Brand:  Orchard Toys
Age:  3y+

Makes long trips feel more manageable!

Dinosaur Dominoes is the perfect travel game that will keep your children entertained on long car rides or flights. It's small, compact and portable so you can take it anywhere! 

✓ Encourages Discussion
✓ Encourages Colour Recognition
✓Develops Matching and Memory Skills
✓ Encourages Observational Skills
Kids will stay entertained in any situation.


Dinosaurs are all the rage! These friendly, blast from the past were a part of your childhood and now you can relive the fun anytime with this innovative domino game. With different images of dinosaurs on each card, kids will be able to learn about different types of dinosaurs while they play! Playing is easy - the first to get rid the cards and build the domino line wins! Now get out there and get matching our friends' favorite extinct animals with these Dino Dominoes before it gets too late.

✓ It's a fun and educational game!
✓ Can be played by 2-4 players
✓ Suitable for ages from 3 to 5 years old
✓ Fun game for kids on the go 
✓ The newest family friendly board game for adventurous little minds. 

Get rid of your cards the fastest and build a domino line! 

Dinosaur Dominoes is a fun packed travel game that's perfect for little ones. It's small, compact and portable so it can go with you anywhere! And the best part is it's suitable for ages 3-5. So your child will be entertained for hours on end! Your kid won't want to put this down because they get to match up friendly dinosaur characters as they play. They'll also learn how to develop matching and observation skills while playing too! What could be better than that? 

Orchard Toys is one of the leading manufacturers of educational games and puzzles. They started out making blocks for a local nursery school, but have now grown to be recognised as one of the leaders in this field. Their mission is to help children learn through play. Orchard Toys are committed to ensuring that their toys are fun, safe, and stimulating while they encourage creativity and imagination. 


1. Why is playing dominoes important for kids?

Dominoes are a fun way to translate critical thinking and memory exercises into the real world, allowing you apply what was learned for decisions made. For children who play these games there is an opportunity of creativity that goes beyond their regular curriculum as it demands outside-the box thinking.

2.  What contents are included in this playset?

This game includes 28 dominoes.

4. What age is this toy suitable for?

Suitable for children ages from 3 to 5

5. Where is this toy made out of?
This toy is made responsibly from UK


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