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Developmental Benefits of Building Blocks

building blocks for kids

Toys such as building blocks play a huge and vital role in the growing years of children. These have educational and developmental benefits that pave the way for children to become well-rounded and successful. In fact, parents should pick the right toys for children in order to promote the most optimal development and learning opportunities.

Building blocks are one of the most ideal and perfect learning toys. These learning blocks are made from either plastic or wood, with the latter serving as the best material. They come in a wide range of solid shapes that children can use to build structures and construct objects based on their imagination. Grimm’s, one of the most popular toy makes, has a great range of toy blocks. Their blocks come in rainbow and pastel colors. The shapes differ depending on the concept.

Grimm's Natural Tunnels are shaped like tunnels and the Grimms Coral Reef are irregularly shaped like coral reefs. All building blocks, no matter their shape and color are beneficial for children. But what do you think are the benefits of block play?

Social Skills

Building blocks encourage children to build social interaction and cooperation. These games enable children to make friends. As they interact with others and manipulate these blocks, they learn valuable traits such as patience, camaraderie, turn taking, accept defeat and sportsmanship which helps build character and boost their self-confidence. They can also gather wonderful ideas that they can share with others confidently.

Playing with blocks also increases the child's attention span and self-reliance through social interactions. The sense of accomplishment will also help boost a child’s pride and confidence.

Cognitive Skills

Building blocks are essential learning tools that will widely contribute to a child’s cognitive skills. Children have the potential to expand their vocabulary, improve their communication, literacy and be able to recognize the difference among colors, sizes and shapes.

Math skills are also developed when a child is playing with blocks. This is done when children subtract, add and group blocks. When they build a structure, they will also develop problem-solving skills which they can use in the real world.

Vital mathematical concepts such as symmetry, balance, measurement and comparison are also learned through playing with building blocks. At this early stage, children will be able to have a first experience with these concepts.

Creativity and Imagination

As part of the intellectual benefits, the creativity and imagination of a child is developed and used in playing with blocks. Out of a child’s imagination, he/she will create structures for open-ended plays. Out of this imagination, creativity will let loose.

Children can also use someone else’s imagination like their playmate and build on a unique structure. Together, they can envision greater things which will sharpen their minds and creativity.

As part of the creative benefits, children are able to express more of themselves. Self-expression gives them the freedom to create and visualize something through building blocks. Through self-expression, the blocks can be used in countless and many ways.

Physical Skills

Building blocks are also great for children’s physical development particularly fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills are essential skills children need to develop for them to perform simple tasks for when they grow older like using a pair of scissors, tying shoelaces, writing on a piece of paper and many more. When a child is playing with learning blocks, the dexterity is enhanced, improved and developed. This way, they are able to properly perform activities which use their hands.

Gross motor skills are a set of skills which require movements of the whole body and usually involve a group of large muscles. We use these skills to perform simple actions like walking, jumping, sitting upright and many more. If well-developed, these skills help children navigate their surroundings more easily and allow them to move around more actively.

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