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Cocoa Loco

Cocoa Loco

Cocoa Loco Fairtrade Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & More

Try these fairtrade chocolates from Cocoa Loco. Handmade with love in Sussex, UK, these chocolates are mouth-watering and ethically-produced.

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Cocoa Loco - Milk Chocolate Mango
Cocoa Loco - Milk Chocolate Owls
Cocoa Loco Organic Milk Chocolate Fairies
Cocoa Loco - Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar
Cocoa Loco - 73% Dark Chocolate Bar
Cocoa Loco - Marbled Chocolate Bar
Cocoa Loco - Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate Bar
Cocoa Loco - Milk Chocolate Spoons
Cocoa Loco - Dark Chocolate (55%) Spoons
Cocoa Loco - Marbled Chocolate Spoon

Page 1 of 1:    26 Items

Cocoa Loco Fairtrade Chocolate Goodness in Every Bite

Cocoa Loco's commitment to putting together sustainability and deliciousness together is reflected in each of their products. All ingredients in their chocolate, from cocoa beans to sugar, used in making these tasty chocolates are organic. They have not been treated with herbicides and fertilizers. Using organic ingredients to make these chocolates makes a huge difference in terms of taste. Perfect for gifting and personal indulgence. Cocoa Loco’s wide selection of chocolates in different shapes, so there's a chocolate for every discerning chocolate lover.

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