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Cloth Nappies - Dump the Disposables and Make the Eco Switch Today!

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One Piece - All in One Nappies

These nappies are very simple all in one nappies and work just like a disposable nappy. The inner absorbent layer is attached to the outer waterproof layer, so no separate layers. They are very easy to use but can be slower to dry. Perfect for childcare, out and about or people not used to cloth nappies.

Two Piece (Terry Nappies & Nappy Wraps)

Two piece nappies systems means an inner absorbent layer (either shaped or square like a terries) and an outer water proof wrap. You usually change just the inner bit at nappy change. This nappy system is most like the traditional terry system, but are much more modern. Very economical and usally quicker drying.

Newborn Nappies

Designed for use for premature or newborn babies up to about 12lb. Very slim fitting and very trim on newborn, these are great starter nappies. Will only last up to 3 months unless used on twins or smaller babies.

Nappy Boosters

Nappy Boosters can help give more absorbency to your nappies, whether you use an all in one nappy or a two piece system. Choose from hemp, bamboo or organic cotton to help make your nappies last longer in the day or throughout the night.

Nappy Wet Bag

Nappy Wet bags & nappy buckets are great for storing your dirty nappies in. Wetbags can also be used for out and about with your nappies or for childcare, so having 2-3 is always useful. Choose different sizes depending on your needs.

Nappy Liners

Nappy liners line your nappy catching any solids. Choose from disposable paper liners or stay dry fleece liners which are reusable and will also keep your baby nice and dry.


Cloth Nappies

We're here to help you find the best reusable cloth nappies. We have tried and tested all the nappy brands and only stock the very best, most reliable cloth nappies. You can choose between a two-part nappy system, with a separate outer waterproof wrap and inner absorbent nappy. Alternatively, you can now have an all in one nappy, which you change the entire nappy at each nappy change, so these are most like disposables.

If you need more help to decide which cloth nappies are best for you we offer a free Reusable Nappy Advice Questionnaire, just fill in the form and one of our experienced colleagues will be happy to make you a tailored recommendation.

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