Cloth Beginners Accessories Kit

Cloth Beginners Accessories Kit

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Little Lamb Bamboo BoostersLittle Lamb Bamboo Boosters
Bambino Mio Nappy BucketBambino Mio Nappy Bucket
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Bambino Mio 160 Mioliners Biodegradable Nappy LinersBambino Mio 160 Mioliners Biodegradable Nappy Liners

Size:  26cm x 25cm x 26cm
Dimensions:  26 x 25 x 26

  • A great kit for starting your journey with cloth nappies.
  • Perfect to use with all nappy brands.
  • Just choose your favorite nappies.

Cloth Beginners Accessories Kit

A great accessory kit for anyone just starting their journey with cloth nappies.

This kit contains a nappy bucket, cloth wipes, little lamb bamboo boosters, wash bags and biodegradable nappy liners. Once you have this kit all you need to choose are your nappies.

The nappy bucket can store all your baby's reusable nappies ready for a full load of washing and is compatible to use with the laundry bags. It features concealed hinges to securely attach the laundry bags and has a close-fitting and lockable lid for child's safety.

The wipes are a natural cost efficient alternative to disposable wipes. They are easy to both wash and dry and super soft for gentle wiping.

The bamboo liners are super soft and super absorbent, perfect for boosting nappies for overnight use or for heavy wetters.

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