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Christmas Candles


Christmas Candle - For an Eco-friendly Christmas

Find the best Christmas candles to complement your Christmas decor at home.

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Coffee Gift bundle
€21.53   €19.28
Enchanted Candle Large Bowl Lavender
Large Box - Clove & Dark Sandalwood
Large Botanical Candles - Marsh Viola
Large Botanical Candles - Victorian Peony
Shared Earth Scented candle 420g Ginger Patchoui
€18.79   €11.06
Shared Earth Scented candle 420g Thai Jasmine
€18.79   €11.06
Candlelit bath gift
€12.17   €11.01
Aromatherapy Candle - Aphrodisiac
Aromatherapy Candle - Clear Thinking
Aromatherapy Candle - Creativity
Aromatherapy Candle - Peace
Med Pot - Berrys - Juniper & Sweet Gin
Library 2-Wick Tin
Paddywax Kin 4oz Ceramic Candle
€13.39   €8.97
Pot - Black - Brandy Butter
Pot - Grey - Coffee in the Club
Pot -Green - Sea Moss & Herbs

Page 1 of 1:    33 Items

Feel the Warmth of Christmas with our Christmas Candle Collection

We have a wide selection of the highest quality candles made from natural materials. We believe that Christmas is the spirit of giving and that by using non-toxic candles, we are giving something precious to our planet. By using these eco-friendly candles, you will not expose yourself to toxic fumes and other harmful chemicals. These candles also have natural scents and fragrances. We have Christmas candles from popular brands like Agnes + Cat, Wild Olive Dotty and Paddywax. These candles will have you feeling merry at home.

If you are looking for candles to set the mood for the Yuletide season, look no further than our Christmas candle collection.