Childrens Soap Set

Childrens Soap Set

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Janni Bars Kids SoapJanni Bars Kids Soap
Daisy Rainbow Handmade SoapsDaisy Rainbow Handmade Soaps
Daisy Rainbow Bath BombsDaisy Rainbow Bath Bombs
ecoLiving Kids Natural Vegan Nail BrushecoLiving Kids Natural Vegan Nail Brush

Brand:  Baba Me
Type:  Natural Soap
Vegan:  ✅
Plastic Free:  ✅
Palm Oil Free:  ✅

Get your kids excited about washing their hands!

We've created this beautiful gift set for kids which includes soaps,a bath bomb and a childrens nail brush. We promise that it all smells lush- and everything is also vegan, cruelty free and includes no nasties.

Show off your adorable new personal care package to friends and family; it's the perfect gift! 

Your skin will feel softer than ever before.

Get clean and smell amazing!



Scrub a dub dub, there's a little monkey in the tub!

Hand washing is more important than ever, and children sometimes need encouragement to take the time to properly lather up. We've therefore created this beautiful gift set as we think that funky colourful soaps might just do the trick! These soaps are handmade, plastic free and smell lush! Be sure to use the kids nail brush included in the bundle to give a good scrub under those nails too!

We've also added a bath bomb so your child can enjoy a bubbly, fizzy, vividly coloured bath. Daisy Rainbow bath bombs are formulated for children so you can rest assured that they are kind to sensitive young skin. These bombs are even wrapped in a compostable packaging, so they're kind to the planet too!

You'll love these soaps as much as your child will - they're beautifully made with natural ingredients and come in all sorts of colours. They also have an added bonus of being plastic-free and vegan friendly. The bath bomb is perfect for when your child has finished washing up - it smells lovely and leaves them feeling clean inside out. Plus, it's colourful enough that they won't want to get out of the bath... ever!

SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN -  The soaps have been specially formulated for sensitive skin. We've also included a nail brush in the bundle as it's important to keep children's nails clean too- we know that some children are reluctant to wash their hands and scrub their nails, so we have also added a bath bomb as a little treat!

HANDMADE IN SMALL BATCHES - No two bath bombs or bars are the same when they are lovingly made in small batches. This ensures great quality control and product consistency.

PLASTIC FREE - Treat your kids without harming the planet- our suppliers keep the protection of the planet at the heart of everything they create, and this includes the packaging their products come in. Your bath bomb and soaps will arrive in fully compostable packaging (it may look like plastic, but we promise it isnt!)

Order yours today to bring some colour in to your child's skincare routine!



1. Are they vegan friendly?

Yes! Evgerything in this gift is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

2. Are they child friendly?
YES! Both the soaps and the bath bomb are formulated especially for children.

3. Where are they made?
Janni soap bars are hand made in Ireland using the finest quality ingredients, while Daisy Rainbow make their products in England. Even the nail brush is made in the UK!

4. How powerful is the smell?
These natrual soap bars are made with the most sensitive skin in mind- each bar carries it's own luscious scent but they are gently scented by nature rather than the harsh perfumes you might find in other soap bars. The bath bomb scents are particularly exciting!

5. Are these SLS and paraben free
Of course! These are completely SLS and paraben free.

6. Do these contain palm oil?

7.Will the bath bomb change the colour of the water?
Yes!Daisy Rainbow branded bath bombs are our most popular for children, probably due to their vivid colours and powerful scents. Children love them!

8. Are these suitable as a gift?
YES! This little set makes a great gift for children. You can optionally pay a small fee for jute packaging, which will make your gift ready to go!

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