Childrens bubble bath bundle

Childrens bubble bath bundle

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Janni Bars Magic SandJanni Bars Magic Sand
Janni Bars Kids SoapJanni Bars Kids Soap
Daisy Rainbow Bath BombsDaisy Rainbow Bath Bombs

Brand:  Baba Me
Type:  Bath

We've created this bundle to ensure that your children can enjoy a bubbly, fizzy, coloured bath with products that are gentle to their skin and kind to the environmment. Daisy Rainbow Bath bombs are even wrapped in a compostable packaging, and are particularly popular amongst children for their vivid colours and lush scents. Magic Sand meanwhile acts as a bubble bath, sprinkle a handful or two under running water and splash as quickly as you can to unleash your soft foamy bubbles!

We think the soaps speak for themselves- we've never met a child who doesnt adore dinosaurs, or rainbows, or both! Handmade in Ireland and designed specifically for children, though we have plenty of adult customers who buy these for themselves!

Are you looking for something to help with the bed time routine? Purrfect treat bath bomb, Fairy dust magic sand and dinosaur soap are all softly scented with lavender. sure to relax your child in to an enchanting sleep.

If you prefer an orange scent, we would recommend Sweet Orange bath bomb, Elf Powder Magic Sand and Rainbow soap. These all have a refreshing orange scent, uplfiting and sure to bring a little sunshine to bath time.

Of course, you could always mix and match scents- we have left the scent choices up to you, and they are all yummy! Lots of our customers have reported that their children who are often reluctant about bath time, have been much more willing when tempted with a dinosaur soap or a sprinkling of magic fairy dust.

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