Cawston Press Elderflower Lemonade Soda 330ml

Cawston Press Elderflower Lemonade Soda 330ml

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Brand:  Cawston Press

Made with elderflower infusion, squeezed lemons, pressed apples and sparkling water. A summer’s stroll in a can.

Ingredients Pressed apple juice, carbonated water, squeezed lemon juice, elderflower infusion, lemon extract, ascorbic acid (to protect color)

Cawston Press started 30 years ago with a lot of apple trees and they've been pressing fruit ever since.

We just use the best mother nature offers us. We harvest then press & blend when they are brimming with flavour. We don't add sugars or sweeteners.

Every can of Cawston is pressed fruit and a little fizz.

The sweetness comes from the pressed fruit, nothing else. No sugar, no sugar substitutes, no shortcuts.

Cawston Press believe natural is best. So they only use pressed fruit, not concentrates. They shun sugars substitutes, colors, preservatives and other nasties. And they keep their ingredients list as clean as possible, using things you’d find in your kitchen or garden

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size
1 Can
Contains 55% Juice
Total Fat
0g (0%)
0g (0%)
Total Carbohydrate
17g (6%)
Total Sugars*
Includes 0g Added Sugars
*naturally occurring sugars from fruit

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