Newborn Nappies

newborn nappiesNewborn Nappies

Newborn nappies, ahhh the cuteness! We have a fantastic range of newborn reusable nappies, which will work from as small as 4lbs. Cloth nappies might not be your first thought for the hospital bag, but they are very easy to use right from the start.

Newborn nappies are designed to fit below the navel, keeping the umbilical dry. 

Why use cloth nappies for newborn?

Many people wrongly assume that cloth nappies would be too complicated from birth. But a simple all in one reusable nappy is just as easy to use compared to disposable nappies. Baby’;s skin is very delicate and sensitive, and it is much nicer to clothe it in organic cotton.

Reusable nappies are good on the environment too. Unlike disposable nappies, reusable ones don’t end up in landfills and oceans. Not to mention disposable nappies are made from synthetic materials that not only harms your newborn but also our environment.

How newborn nappies will I need?

We recommend getting a pack size of 25 baby nappies. You will need to change nappies frequently, especially if you are planning to breastfeed.

What about the umbilical cord?

You will find most reusable nappies have a special fold down for the umbilical cord, allowing it to breathe and dry naturally.

What about wetness indicator?

Disposable nappies have a wetness indicator, but so do cloth nappies! Simply open the nappy up and feel if it is wet, if not reuse!

Will my new baby object to cloth nappies?

No! Remember babies have been inside a water sac for 9 months, they are used to feeling wet and actually, they will probably prefer nice comfy cotton nappies, think about how you would feel!

Will the hospital insist on disposal nappies?

No! Many hospitals now prefer when you use cloth nappies. Just remember to bring your nappy wet bag for your soiled nappies.

Will the meconium stain the nappies?

No! Fleece lined or stay dry layers are stain resistant, you can also use a paper liner to catch the meconium.

Will a reusable nappy give my new baby nappy rash?