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Can Your Little Boy Play With a Toy Kitchen

wooden toy kitchen

Toy Kitchen

Can boys play with toy kitchens? Yes, definitely. Cooking is not a gender-based activity and should be enjoyed by both genders especially at an early age even if it’s only make-believe. To be honest, any child should be able to play with any toys regardless of gender and with the childcare setting in the country or any toddler group, there is likely to have a toy kitchen around because of its popularity and developmental value.

While most toy kitchens come in what many consider as girlie colours like pink, there are so many variants that come in gender-neutral ones like red, blue and many more. Moreover, there’s a growing trend toward more realistic and retro-styled toy kitchen which is good for both genders. However, don’t let other people’s opinions hinder your child’s enjoyment. If your little boy wants a pink toy kitchen then you should get him one.

Play kitchens are wonderful toys for all children. Regardless of gender, little children would definitely love to learn how to cook. They are accustomed to seeing both parents in the kitchen cooking food. Plus there are plenty of famous male chefs.

The benefits of playing with toy kitchens

  • Playing with a play kitchen develops creative narrative and thoughtful storytelling. For younger kids, toy kitchens encourage interaction with others which helps with the improvement of language and communication skills. This includes learning the names of the different foods and utensils as well as actions like stirring or whisking.
  • Children always act out things they see in real life. This paves the way for role playing sessions where imagination and children’s creativity is stimulated.
  • When playing with toy kitchens, children could take charge in keeping it clean, setting tables, organising ingredients or even learning basic cooking concepts. They could even learn about healthy eating and good table manners. A toy kitchen is a great for learning life skills and developing a sense of independence and confidence.
  • Problem-solving, numeracy and fine motor skills are learned by children with toy kitchens that they can apply in their lives as they grow older. They would be able to learn the concept of time as well which is important.
  • Not all boys love to play with football or cars and some might even grow up to be fashion designers, hairdressers and teachers. We shouldn’t be gendering toys to enable our little boys to express themselves and develop more skills and aspects of their personality. Likewise, a boy who plays with dolls is learning to develop emotional and nurturing skills.

These are only a few of the benefits little boys get from playing with toy kitchens. If you want to let your little boy play with a toy kitchen but you think you could not handle negative comments, consider getting a mud kitchen or outdoor toy kitchen instead. No one is going to tell you that boys shouldn’t play in the mud, right?

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