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Can Boys Play With Dolls

can boys play with dolls

Yes, boys can play with dolls much like girls can play with cars and trucks. This might sound silly to some people because there's still a lot of gender stereotyping attached to some toys like dolls. You still might get a funny look or snarky comments if you allow your little boy to play with dolls in public.

Unfortunately, even to this day the myth about the connection of gender conformity and sexual orientation still exist. Some parents are afraid that their little boys would be subjected to harassment and abuse by their peers if they are seen playing with dolls.

However, this shouldn't be the case at all since boys can play with dolls the same way they play with their action figures. Both of these toys help foster a child's imagination and way of thinking.

Boys should never be limited to only playing with gender-based toys but must also be allowed to play with dolls. Dolls are fun to play with because they allow children to use their imagination extensively. Emotional skills such as empathy, care and love are developed and nurtured when children are playing with dolls.

Little boys can benefit from playing with dolls the same way it benefits little girls. Early development knows no gender which means regardless of gender, every little kid should be allowed to play with dolls.

Learning through play

Most children learn through play which helps them make sense of the things around them. A lot of development in a child could take place and happen through playing. Brain development happens when children use their critical thinking while playing. Language, speech and creative communication are enhanced, developed and matured as well.

Additionally, motor skills and children's problem-solving skills are developed. Children can also realize their abilities and what they are capable of doing by simply accomplishing simple tasks incorporated in a play. Because of this, children feel good about themselves which build a strong foundation for their self-esteem.

Imaginative and interactive role-play sessions

One of the best ways to sharpen your child's mind is to engage him in activities that allow him to use his imagination and creativity. This can be done through play such as acting out roles in imaginative role-play sessions. Little boys can also act out real life characters with their dolls and will help them express more about what they feel and think. Through playing with dolls, children can look after a person or can easily solve situations.

Interactive role-play sessions also foster and strengthen children's social skills. They learn camaraderie, build strong leadership, boost self-confidence and even learn sportsmanship.

Comfort and companionship

Playing with dolls enables children to find comfort and companionship. For example in long car journeys, children are occupied and can find entertainment when they are bored. When they feel sad, sick or happy, children can talk to their dolls. This enables children to be more expressive of their feelings. In the same way, dolls encourage memory. A cuddle from their dolls also enables children to take on adventures, plays and bedtimes because their doll is there to comfort them.

Although many parents don't allow their little boys to play with dolls, the tons of benefits that children can get and develop should be considered. If girls can be as tough and aggressive as boys can be, why can't boys be caring, loving or sympathetic? Dolls are for all ages and should be for all genders.

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