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Save the environment while keeping your baby happy and dry with bumGenius's wide selection of nappies, wet bags, dryer balls, wet wipes and nappy inserts.

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New Baby Reusable Nappy Gift
BumGenius Freetime All In One Nappies
Bumgenius Elemental All-in-One nappies
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Bumgenius Freetime All in One - Patch
bumGenius Pocket Nappy
Bumgenius Elemental Joy All-In-One
BumGenius Outing Nappy Wet Bag
Bumgenius Littles Newborn Nappies
bumGenius Wool Dryer Balls - pack 4
€23.84   €14.31
Cotton Babies Insert Sock for Nappies

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Bumgenius reusable nappies are the perfect choice for parents who are looking to make the switch to reusable nappies. For so long we have filled our landfills and oceans with plastic waste and now is the time to end this. While reusable nappies have been available for some years now, they have become popular just recently. Perhaps, more and more parents are showing concerns for the environment and want to take necessary changes to preserve the environment or they just want to try something new, whatever the case, using reusable and eco-friendly products like a reusable nappy is definitely a step in the right direction

Bumgenius Babycare Essentials

Bumgenius is popular for their reusable nappies which come in a variety of styles. We have the popular Bumgenius Freetime, Bumgenius Elemental, Bumgenius Little and Bumgenius V5. The Bumgenius Freetime is recommended for daytime use only so if you need a nappy that has more absorbency for nighttime use, we recommend Bumgenius Elemental instead.

Bumgenius have an all-in-one (AIO) design which functions like a disposable nappy but without the negative impact on the environment. The Freetime variant is so easy to use, dries quickly and made from microfiber absorbency material. It also features a snap down design for adjustable sizing. Or choose the Elemental which is made from organic cotton. There’s also bumGenius wet bag for your dirty nappies while you’re on the road. bumGenius mini wet bag is suitable for wet wipes and sanitary pads.

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