bumGenius Original One Size Real Nappies 5.0

bumGenius Original One Size Real Nappies 5.0

by BumGenius
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Brand:  Bumgenius
Style:  One Piece Pocket
Size:  Onesize (7-35lbs)
Drying Time:  Fast
Daytime Nappy:  Yes
Nighttime Nappy:  No
Ease of Use:  Easy
Slimness:  Slim
Absorbency Rating:  Good
Absorbency Material:  Microfiber
Country Of Manufacture:  USA
Needs Outer Wrap:  No

  • One-sized real nappies from birth to potty.
  • Comes with an inner suede cloth and different inserts.
  • Can be adjusted to custom size fit with the 3x3 size adjustment technique.
  • Has wide covered pocket.

The original from the Bumgenious Family! The amazing Bumgenius Original One-Size Real Nappies 5.0.

One-size Pocket Nappies 5.0 from Bumgenious are the best selling cloth nappy in North America and when it was released in 2005, it became sold out hours after the first shipment.

It fits babies from birth to potty with its wide covered pocket and the combination of the original 3x3 size adjustment technique. It has stretchy tabs, inner suede cloth and comes with a newborn insert or a larger insert.

The inserts can be used togther or separately depending on the absorbency needs. This nappy can also be used by parents who want to use cloth nappies their babies when in the nursery.

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