Bumgenius Elemental Joy All-In-One

Bumgenius Elemental Joy All-In-One

by BumGenius
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Brand:  Bumgenius
Style:  All In One
Size:  One-Size (8-35 lbs)
Material:  100% cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  China

  • A budget friendly, All-in-one nappy from Cotton Babies, the maker of Bumgenius and Flip nappies.
  • Trim, Easy to use and Highly Absorbent
  • 100% cotton soaker with Polyester cover.

  • Elemental Joy All in One Nappy- All of the quality and convenience you need, at a family friendly price!

    Having been in the cloth nappy business for 15 years now, we have trialled a great number of nappies, of every brand and type. One brand that we find our customers to choose time and time again is Cotton Babies- who produce Bumgenius and Flip nappies. We love them too! Super Reliable and high quality, we have always admired how much thought Cotton Babies put in to their products to ensure that they meet the needs of their customers (and their babies!)

    The latest in the range is the Elemental Joy selection of nappies. This range is specifically designed for those families on a budget- they are created with all of the expertise and quality that goes in to Bumgenius nappies, but are just a little more simple in their style. If you want great fit, quality and performance but are less bothered about fancy prints and extra features, look no further.

    First came the Elemental Joy pocket nappy, which we also very proudly stock. This latest development however, an all in one nappy that is kind to our pockets, is particularly exciting. For years, parents have had to find the balance between convenience and cost; quite simply, all in one nappies are sometimes out of the price range for families who would otherwise love the simplicity. Cotton Babies have come along and challenged this, with a brand new All in One nappy that performs amazingly well, and doesn't break the bank!

    The Elemental Joy All-In-One is a Birth to potty nappy, with adjustable rise and waist, ensuring that you get a snug fit for your little one. We love that the absorbent core is made from cotton, a breathable and thirsty fabric that is more than worthy of toddler floods! All in One nappies are particularly handy for caregivers with a busy lifestyle, or those whose children attend daycare or are looked after by grandparents; no stuffing or folding required,simply put the nappy on baby in one piece as you would a disposable.

    Choose from 4 classic Bumgenius colours;

  • Kiss (peach)
  • Mirror (Turqoise)
  • Hummingbird (Green)
  • Butternut(yelllow)
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