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Grimms Large 1001 Nights Building Set

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Shop our range of wooden building blocks to expand your kid's imagination and creativity.

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Grimms Building Set Sparking Orient
Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid
Grimms Counterrotating Stepped Spiral
Grimms Building Set Rainbow Lion
Grimms Large 1001 Nights Building Set
Grimms Large 4 Elements Building Set
Bigjigs Click Blocks - Coloured - 100pce
Bigjigs Click Blocks - Natural - 100pce
Bigjigs Wooden Stacking Rainbow - Large
Grimms Dwarf Village
Grimms PASTEL 12 rainbow
Grimms 12 piece rainbow
Tender Leaf Toys Baby Block Walker
Grimms Stepped Roofs Pastel
Grimms Stepped Roofs Rainbow
Grimms Fairy Tale Village
Grimms Sorting Game Rainbow Bowls
Grimms Sunset Rainbow 10 piece
Grimms 6 Cars, coloured
Goki Rainbow Building Blocks
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Grimms Stacking Tower Rainbow
Grimms Stacking Tower Boat
Grimms Landscape
Grimms Leonardo Sticks
Grimms Pentomino
Grimms Pastel Semi Circles
Grimms Pastel Building Boards
Grimms Rainbow Building Boards
Grimms Small Stepped Pyramid
Grimms Puzzle Square
Grimms Little Flower
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Page 1 of 3:    144 Items

Amazing Building Blocks for Toddlers

All our wooden building blocks for toddlers are handmade from ethically sourced materials and finished with non-toxic dyes, making them eco-friendly and 100% safe for kids. All these toys conform to European and international safety standards for kids toys.

These building blocks for toddlers are as fun as they are educational. They can help improve your kid's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and social skills. Make them identify different shapes and colours to add another layer of fun to your kid's playtime. These building blocks for toddlers are indeed powerful learning tools.

Playing with building blocks for toddlers can also expand your child’s imagination and creativity. She can build whatever she wants with these building blocks for toddlers.

If you are looking for early learning toys that are fun and education, look no further than our building blocks collection.