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Whether you enjoy a relaxing bath or want to moisturise your baby's delicate skin, we've got a wide selection of bodycare and bath products for you. Rejuvenate your dry skin with our Himalayan salt scrub or treat your tired feet with our peppermint foot soap. Moisturise your skin with our wide selection of skin lotion. Make cellulite disappear using coffee scrubs from Wild Olive. And if you haven't experienced a tea bath, we suggest you try one of our bath tea bags from Wild Olive. With our range of bodycare and bath products, you will have beautiful and healthy skin.

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The Ultimate Pamper Hamper
€117.18   €105.46
First Period Bundle
Janni Bars Bodycare Bundle
Intensely Moisturising Gift Set
€70.81   €49.80
Luxury Bath Bundle
€38.08   €32.81
Bath bundle
Moa Fortifying Green Bath Potion
Oils of Heaven Natural Cacay Anti-Aging Face Oil
€45.70   €23.44
Pamper kit for Feet
Lyonsleaf Body Butter
Moa Fortifying Green Bath Potion
€29.30   €21.09
To Mummy
€23.44   €20.51
Bathing Beauty Soothe Body Oil
Childrens Soap Set
Pamper Bundle
€21.33   €17.52
Shower gift bundle
Bathing Beauty Sock Foot Salve
Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Facial Oil UnScented
€21.08   €14.00
Giant Bath Bomb Mystery Box
€17.58   €12.83
Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream
Janni Bars Lotion Bar
Little Treats- Shower Gift
Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts
From:  €9.32
Pit Putty Natural Deodorant
LHS Organic Camelia Oil
€22.73   €11.37
Little Treats- Kids Bath time
PHB Restoring Body Butter
€19.85   €10.48
Janni Bars Magic Sand
Himalayan Bath Salt Blend 500g
LHS Organic virgin Tigernut oil  50 ml
€19.92   €8.10
Niyok 2 in 1 Solid Shower Bar & Moisturiser
Antiseptic Soap - Irish Peat Soap Bar
Olive Oil Soap - Cardamom and Rose Tea Soap
Refreshing Avocado Lime Scrub Soap Bar
Rose Soap Beauty Bar
Sea Salt Scrub Soap bar
Janni Bars Mini Bar 5-in-1 Set
Nature Scrunchy - Rami 35gm
Snowflake Shea Butter & Cinnamon Soap
Greenman Soap 100g
Wild Olive Luxury Bath Melt Rose Geranium
€5.27   €4.10
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Body Lotion
Choose a body cream with a cocoa butter base to nourish dry skin. A light organic body lotion will give you a quick moisture boost and can add a healthy sheen to dull skin. Essentially Nature revitalising organic body lotion is a light citrus scented lotion. Loaded with essential oils of lemongrass, bergamot, sweet orange and tangy lemon, this non-greasy natural body lotion will perk you up and revitalise your skin. It is a large pump dispenser, 200ml (7fl oz) and a little goes a long way. Essentially Nature also makes a relaxing organic body lotion that is perfect for use as an after sun due to its calming and soothing lavender and chamomile essential oils.

Cosmetic oil

Body oils are rising in popularity. You can use a body oil to deliver treatment to your skin at a deeper level than a cream or lotion. Incorporating a cosmetic oil into your skincare routine is easy when you have the right products.
You can blend aromatherapy oils with a carrier oil for a relaxing massage, incorporate cosmetic oils into your hair care by mixing essential oils with your shampoo, coconut oil and argan oil are both great hair conditioning treatments.
Beauty editors and bloggers have been talking about pure argan oil for a couple of years now. You might see it on a label as argania spinosa. Argan oil comes from the fruit of the Argan tree. Found in Morocco, Argan trees are revered for their liquid gold produce. Argan oil holds many times its own weight in water and it plumps and hydrates skin. It is a powerful healing oil and encourages collagen and elastin production.

We all know the benefits of coconut oil. There are so many uses for coconut oil, but we are interested in organic coconut oil and the benefits it has to your skin. It has medium chain fatty acids and is an important antioxidant.

Essential oils can be used to enhance our mood, tone skin, treat skin complaints and so much more. Natural and organic body care products contain essential oils because of their potency and how they work to give benefits quickly. We have chosen to stock essential oil that can be diluted for use on the body or diffused to scent your home. There are many that can be used as a fragrance oil to lift your mood and spirit.

Different plant oils have different properties and we have a superb range to choose from. Tamanu oil, argan oil, marula oil, avocado oil and white flower oils are all incredibly moisturising, soothing, healing and calming on our skin. You will find that the oils we have selected, are of the highest quality and will suit your needs perfectly.

Natural soap

Organic soaps made from natural ingredients will suit your skin much better than mass market soap made with price in mind and filled with cheap harsh detergents. You want to take care of your skin and only use personal care products that will nurture and protect it. It is the biggest living organ in the body!

"Why are natural and organic products better?" Natural doesn't mean weak, plant-based ingredients are suited to our skin and we know that botanicals, herbs and plant oils have been used for thousands of years with great effect. Natural ingredients are very often more potent and enriching to the skin than man-made chemical ingredients.

Let's use argan oil as an example, its known as healing liquid gold from Morocco. So pure and potent that goats climb the trees to get at the fruit. Argan oil is rich in antioxidants, linoleic acid, vitamins, A C and E and it is rich in omega 6 fatty acids. Argan oil benefits include skin healing. Studies have shown that it lowers sebum levels in the skin meaning it will rebalance an oily skin and reduce acne due to its inflammatory properties. It will fight dermatitis because of its skin cell renewal properties and is incredibly anti ageing. You cannot replicate this with chemicals.

At Danu World, we love the healing powers of argan oil and hail its skin benefits from the rooftops. Tea tree oil and seed oils have been used for thousands of years as natural remedies for wounds and grazes, to fight infection and to help cell regeneration.

When we select our organic body care products for you, we have in mind the properties and ingredients of each brand that we bring in. We will only stock products that are 100% cruelty-free. We will only bring brands that follow our own ethos of ethical, natural, fair trade and organic.

Talking of healing powers, we have had amazing reviews of our Jones the Bones muscle and joint oil. So much so, that we can barely keep it in stock. This is a great example of organic skin care and how it can benefit your health. This all-natural, therapeutic muscle and joint oil has been proven on sore, painful joints as well as stiff and aching muscles. The oil is a blend of hypericum, lavender, chamomile, rosemary and marjoram. This nourishing oil acts as an anti-inflammatory to calm and soothe, plus can help reduce muscle spasms and stimulates blood flow. It is non-greasy and intensively moisturizing. We have been hearing all about how it is helping our customers with arthritis, joint pains and general aches. Read the reviews and see for yourself.

Natural deodorant

Have you tried natural deodorant yet? Natural organic deodorant from Warrior Botanicals, using aloe vera, essential oils, jojoba oil, coconut oil and various other organic ingredients to keep you fresh and clean every day. This is one of our best selling deodorants. It is a cream formulation, suitable for sensitive skin. The secret recipe is blended carefully to be moisturizing while it works to prevent body odour.It is a natural deodorant that is hugely popular and because it is freshly made in small batches, you are best to get it while you can!

Eco by Sonya coconut roll-on deodorant is popular with those of you who like a fragrance free deodorant. It keeps you bone dry and feels soothing on your skin. Natural ingredients of coconut, lavender and cornflour, work together in harmony with your body and you can be confident that you won't have any body odour when you use this fabulous natural deodorant. Winner of Best Deodorant by RSVP Magazine Beauty Awards 2017

Our customers have asked for natural body wash and natural soaps and we are proud of our range of these natural skin care products. We have a huge range of paraben free natural soaps and bath salts. We know that you like to spoil yourself and luxuriate in the bath so we have included plenty of bath melts and salts from Wild Olive. Packed with shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil, green tea and a host of other organic ingredients to give you a haven in your bathroom. Soak and have the benefit of the natural ingredients and essential oils for your body mind and spirit.

We have chosen organic body lotion to hydrate and moisturise your skin, coffee scrubs to keep you free from dead skin cells and dull skin. Cellulite-busting gels and of course, plenty of certified organic hand and body wash products. Many of our products are vegan-friendly, all are cruelty-free.

Make yourself a wishlist from our natural and organic body care and treat yourself to the gift of good skin!