Biork Crystal Deodorant Stick
 Biork Crystal Deodorant StickBiork Crystal Deodorant Stick 

Biork Crystal Deodorant Stick

Our Price:  €13.73

Brand:  BIORK
Material:  100% natural and plastic free crystal deodorant stick. The container is made of cork
Packaging:  Cork
Country Manufacture:  UK
Dimensions:  x x
Vegan:  Yes
Sustainable:  Yes

  • Made with potassium alum crystal stick.
  • Comes in a renewable and recyclable cork.
  • Works with your body by allowing your armpits to breathe and perspire naturally.
  • Eliminates odor-causing bacterias.

Biork Crystal Deodorant Stick is AMAZING!

Do not be skeptical to use this natural deodorant that works in the same way as commercially bought and made deodorant. This deodorant is made with potassium alum that works with your body by not blocking the sweat glands. It also eliminates odor-causing bacteria that will keep your underarms smelling clean and fresh.

This deodorant is beautifully enclosed in a natural cork that can be used and recycled when the crystal stick has been totally consumed. Corks are environment-friendly that binds eight grams of Carbon Dioxide in the air.

Use this every day by moistening the tip of the crystal with water and glide gently on the armpits. After each use, towel-dry the tip.

Weight: 120 g

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