Bigjigs Tea Bags

Bigjigs Tea Bags

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Brand:  BigJigs

Tea party coming up?

The Bigjigs Wooden Tea Bags are a great way to teach children important social skills and manners. They come in a variety of flavours including lemon, strawberry and mint. The set is supplied in a simplistic wooden box so the tea bags can be stored neatly away until it's time for another brew. A great addition to any play kitchen or shop!

✓  Encourages imaginative and creative play
✓  A fun way to teach children good manners
✓  Develops gross and fine motor skills
✓  Builds confidence and helps children develop social skills
✓  Kids can host their very own tea party and cater for everyone's taste buds!

Little ones will love hosting their own tea parties with these unique styled play tea bags that come in a variety of flavours including lemon, strawberry and mint! The beautifully designed wooden box makes storing the play tea bags easy too - they're perfect for any children who love to role play and host tea parties with their friends!

✓ Includes lemon, strawberry and mint tea flavours
✓ Comes with a wooden box for storage
✓ Play pieces have rounded edges and smooth surfaces
✓ Made from high quality, responsibly sourced materials
✓ Conforms to European safety standards

Looking for a pretend play tea bags set?

The Bigjigs Wooden Tea Bags are a simple playset that can be used to help encourage imaginative play. Children will love making up their own stories about how the characters use the tea bags in their daily lives. The play pieces are made from responsibly sourced materials and have rounded edges and smooth surfaces which make them safe to play with. They can also double as decorative items in your children's nursery and playroom.

Bigjigs Toys is a family-run wooden toy company. Started in 1985 by Peter and Liz Ireland, the company has grown from a garden shed workshop into an award-winning wooden toy company supplying toys to 100 countries worldwide. They supply a wide range of traditional wooden toys for children of all ages, with our most popular ranges including wooden trains, wooden puzzles and more. Bigjigs Toys aims to be at the forefront of quality design as well as environmental responsibility - they are striving to make each product better than the last!


What is the suitable age for this wooden pretend play tea set?

This toy is suitable for children ages 3 years and older.

Is this playset safe?

Yes, Bigjigs only makes 100% safe toys using high-quality materials and finish them with non-toxic paint and watercolour.

What's included in this playset?

This playset includes a wooden box with 4 wooden tea flavours like lemon, strawberry and mint.

Is this playset durable?

Bigjigs toys are made to last for many years and can withstand hours of playtime.

Does this toy conform to safety standards?


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