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Best Party Bag Fillers

There are so many things to think about and consider when youíre a parent planning to throw a kidís party. The long list includes food, venue and fun activities and party bags to keep the kids excited and entertained.

best party bag fillers

For most parents, party bags serve no purpose other than clutter up the house before ending up in the garbage bin. Kids definitely love goodie bag even if most parents think otherwise. They get super excited at the end of the party and waiting to receive their party bags before going home.

Most people who throw parties also think that party bags are an absolute waste of time and effort. For some, it takes so much effort and time to buy and fill party bags with exciting treats only for them to be forgotten and thrown away.

Regardless of how you feel about party bags, they play an essential part in most parties in that they give kids a reason to be excited. If youíre not careful in planning your party, party bags could eat up a huge chunk of your party budget. Thereís a lot of affordable party bag fillers that would not break the bank.

Traditional party bag fillers

Traditionally, party bags contain either a slice of cake or some sweet treats (sometimes both). It could also include cheap toys and other things like balloons, bubbles, stickers, colouring books, crayons, plastic toys and themed gifts.

You can put together a great party bag at minimal cost with the aforementioned items because you can buy these items cheaply at any party stores. Unfortunately, most kids would only play with these party bag fillers once or twice before ending up in the bin.

Eco-friendly Party Bag Fillers

Going green with your party bags by filling them with eco-friendly treats is also the way to go. Most party bags end up in garbage bins so why not make sure that their contents and the bag themselves are eco-friendly?

Choose from our wide range of toys that are made from wood and recycled materials like plastic bottles that make for great party bag fillers. Add some sweats or a slice of cake then youíve got yourself a great eco party bag. Parents and kids alike would definitely appreciate this kind of party bag.

Thereís a lot of alternatives to plastic toys that would make for great party bag fillers. Hereís some of them:

  • Make a big batch of homemade play-dough and put them inside little glass jars.
  • Make delectable chocolate buttons by melting down fairtrade organic chocolates.
  • Homemade sweets like themed cookies are also great party bag fillers.
  • Encourage kids to try gardening by giving out seedballs. Seedballs are basically seeds wrapped in solid clay that anyone can throw at the back of the yard to start growing beautiful flowering plants.
  • Promote creativity by setting up a crafting session as part of the partyís activities.

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