Best Bottom Potty Training Pants Covers

Best Bottom Potty Training Pants Covers

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Style:  Potty Training Pants Covers
Drying Time:  Very Fast
Ease of Use:  Very Easy
Country Of Manufacture:  USA
Pull Up:  Yes
Open Out:  Yes

Best Bottom Training Pant Covers

How Many Inserts Will I Need?

You'll need as many inserts as you'll have accidents. If your toddler is having frequent accidents or is in the early stages of potty training, you may want more FeelWET inserts. As potty training progresses, you can use even just one insert per day as long as there aren't any accidents! If the insert does get wet, just snap it out, wipe the inside of the pants clean and snap in a new insert! When soiled, a new pair of training pants is necessary. Many customers use 6-9 inserts per trainer when their toddler is potty learning.

Why Are They Not One Size?

The training pant is sized since potty trainers rarely change sizes during the time they are training, and we found that a one-size training pant with snaps on the front was labeled as a nappy by toddlers.

Small (2T)20-28 lbs.15"-20"12"-12.25"7.5"
Medium (3T)25-35 lbs.16"-22"13"-13.25"8"
Large (4T)30-40 lbs.17"-25"14"-14.25"8.5"

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